• 2 T Active dry yeast

  • 2 1/2 c warm water (105-115 F)

  • 2 T solid shortening

  • 1 T sugar

  • 2 t salt

  • 6-7 c flour

  • 3 egg whites, stiffly beaten

  • 1 egg white, beaten with cold milk for egg wash

  • poppy seeds, caraway seeds, or sesame seeds for tops


Proof yeast. Add shortening, sugar, salt & 3 cups of the flour. Beat with dough whisk or heavy spoon for 2 minutes Fold egg whites into yeast mixture. Gradually add flour 1/4 cup at a time, until dough forms a mass & begins to pull away from bowl. Turn onto a floured surface. Knead, adding more flour as necessary, for 8-10 minutes, until smooth & elastic w/ bubbles.

Place in oiled bowl, turn to coat, and cover with damp towel. Let rise until double, about 1 hour. Punch down, cover & let rise again until double (about 45 minutes.) Punch down & turn out onto lightly oiled surface

Divide dough into 18 equal pieces. Use rolling pin or cup to flatten each piece into a 7 inch circle. Fold left side to center to form a flap. Halfway down flap fold again to center to form another flap. Repeat all the way around to make overlapping flaps. Lift the first flap to ease the last flap underneath. Press center to seal the dough.

Place rolls upside down on a well-greased baking sheet, 3 inches apart. This helps them keep their shape. Let rise 30 minutes, turn right side up, let rise 15 more minutes.

Preheat oven to 425. Put a shallow pan on the bottom shelf of oven.

Lightly brush the rolls with egg wash. Sprinkle with seeds or coarse salt if desired. Place 1 cup of ice cubes in the heated pan in oven. Immediately put the rolls in and bake 15 to 20 minutes until golden Brown. Remove & cool on racks.


18 rolls

Prep Time

3 hours

Cook Time

30 min



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